Our Custom Fabrication offers 1 ¾” X 4 ½” and 2″ x 4 ½” as well as multiple plain tubes with special arch tops.

All Custom Fabrication can be set up for multiple thickness glazing with various sash assemblies and applied beads. All framing is set up to accept glass with standard interior and exterior neoprene glazing gaskets.

All Custom Fabrication is available in various standard painted finishes as well as clear and bronze anodized.

All framing is manufactured using screw spline fabrication as well as various custom shearblock and fishplate anchors and is available in with open back, closed back and standard sub sills.

All Custom Fabrication is available completely fabricated in our shop or sold as stock lengths for your own fabrication.

We also offer fabrication of materials other than Portal’s supplied by customer.

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